Gateau 20 Breton (page 69) – unrelated cake, but it is a rose.

i-DID-NOT-use ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Gateau Breton (page 69) as a crust for my latest rose stint:  Savory Avocado-Potato Pie recipe, please feel free to do so and let me know your tasting impressions of using this cake as a base for anything sweet or savory!

here are the pictures of my avocado stint.

1- 16″ test pie, presented at the avocado-themed dinner.

2- students from the local culinary school working on the big pie.

3- community volunteers at a avocado-themed recipe contest.  entries: avocado jello squares, ahi poke avocado bombe, avocado soup, avocado cheesecake, and guacamole.

4- the display of avocado varieties were exorbitant.

5- my 7-tier pie.


2 thoughts on “Gateau 20 Breton (page 69) – unrelated cake, but it is a rose.

  1. H, those are beautiful! Is there a glaze on top of the avocado slices? I’m wondering why they don’t brown. When I have leftover avocado (for snacking) I applied lemon juice on them but they turn brown anyway.


    1. thx J, the best we can do is to apply lemon juice, however lemon juice also has tenderizing effects. maximum 4 hours i would say, after that the avocado softens because of the lemon tenderizing effect.

      after you apply lemon juice, you need to airtight it. either with a glaze or with plastic wrap or with a spray of vegetable oil.

      and that’s about it.

      i wished i could have done all the avocado rose work the day ahead, but instead it was done the same day just a few hours prior serving. we had a staff of 4 chefs to work on this and quite fast.


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